Emerging 19 years ago through a Create NSW and City of Parramatta community outreach initiative, FORM has grown into a vital arts organisation firmly anchored in Western Sydney. Uniquely placed in the Australian independent dance sector as both presenter and producer, FORM drives an artistic program engaging a community of local, national and international dance artists.

FORM’s vision is ambitious. In Parramatta, rapidly transforming into Sydney’s central city, we work in an environment reflective of a future Australia. Alongside independent dance artists, we embrace the diversity of young Western Sydney dancers from many cultural communities to challenge the face of Australian contemporary dance. We build on our expertise in the contemporary dance sector and offer something new to artists and audiences.

In recent years, FORM has continued to grow capacity to provide presentation opportunities for independent dance makers and has ventured into commissioning and producing large scale, genre-defying, festival productions. These commissions support artform development, enhance professional development, and the dance practices of early career to established dance artists. Through our entire artistic program FORM fosters career pathways, provides employment, and promotes the “made in Parramatta” reputation and brand.

FORM has garnered significant ongoing support and recognition to continue our development as a small to medium arts organisation. FORM has secured continuous local government support from the City of Parramatta, multi-year NSW state government funding, substantial philanthropic support and trusted partnerships with flagship arts companies and cross-sectorial partners. This has increased FORM’s momentum and provides the necessary groundwork for the next phase of organisational growth.

FORM is a nimble and versatile Western Sydney performing arts company, nationally recognised, with impact across the arts sector at multiple levels. We have a strong community of supporters, from artists to arts companies, local communities, media and Western Sydney health and education partners. Our many successes over the last decade demonstrate FORM is forging an exciting trajectory, based on unique initiatives and responses to the broader arts landscape.