Nganakaapu by Harlisha Newie-Joe

Performance Description

Choreographer/Filmmaker: Harlisha Newie-Joe

Title of work: Nganakaapu

Music: unknown

Composer/Musician: Harlisha Newie-Joe

Dancers: Harlisha Newie-Joe, Erica Dixon, Tayla Jackson, Lena Parkes and Ephraim Bani

Acknowledging a timeline carried through our maalu (deep waters), the waves, the currents. From my ancestors beginning to the start of what will now be mine. Physical embodiment of our beautiful islands of Zenadth Kes (Torres Straits), embodying its unique landscapes, textures and growth. My family and ancestors force of power and strength following behind me and guiding me as I start my own journey. My heart.

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