A Meeting Place for Bodies of Water by Danni Cook

Performance Description

Choreographer/Filmmaker: Danni Cook

Title of work: A Meeting Place for Bodies of Water

Composer/Musician: Liam Doyle, Harrison Cook and Danni Cook

Dancers: Otto Pye, Harrison Cook, Alisha Subritzky, and Paris Hall

Conversing with the many water ways we hold within the form of our body, Exchanging energy and untold stories of the past. Our form is a manifestation of the land. A vessel to the delicate intricacies of an ever going flow, echoing the bodies of water that have found home on our earth. Born from water. Connected by water. Nourished by its minerals and gifted by its wisdom. We are the water that patterns our land and flows silently within our bodies.

Danni Cook and FORM acknowledge the traditional custodians and the land on which this film was created on. Wadandi Boodja of the Noongar nation, and the Saltwater People that have lived and created on this land for thousands of years. Its deep history and wisdom contributed to the fruition of this work. Listening and receiving its energy to inform movement.

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