Magna Potentialitas by Clare Dark and Georgia Haupt

Performance Description

Choreographer/Filmmaker: Clare Dark and Georgia Haupt

Title of work: Magna Potentialitas

Music: That’s Life

Composer: Frank Sinatra

Dancer: Clare Dark

This film was born out of the frustration of being commended for having magna potentialitas (great potential). We wanted to pair the idea of having potential with the fulfilling feeling you get when you’re performing to no one. Reflective of potential energy – an object on the edge of a cliff is riddled with potential energy – and yet context places that object on the verge of a great fall. In parts, we wanted to allude to the different extreme places the mind and imagination can quickly place us in. We wanted to reflect the downfall of childhood dreams as time progresses and we are encouraged to be realistic. We wanted to portray that kind of feeling you get when dancing alone in your room close to midnight when all of your hopes and dreams feel within reach – paired with the unfortunate reality that you’ve already ruined your sleep schedule.

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