Empty Your Plate by Carmen Yih

Performance Description

Choreographer/Filmmaker: Carmen Yih

Title of work: Empty Your Plate

Music: Musca Domestica

Composer: Aktafrag

Dancers: Miriam Garrido, Sannie Ek, Stephanie Dixon, Sebastian Kua, Jerinel Bay and Carmen Yih

‘Empty Your Plate’ is a short film that investigates the significance of food and dance as methods of communication and social bonding. Sharing, cooking, and serving a meal is an intimate experience – communicating messages we find difficult to verbalise. In dance, the same communicative and social power of food is metaphorically and scientifically physicalised. The film draws parallels between the intimate experience of sharing a meal and the ecstasy of sharing energy in a street dance cypher, exploring the special bonds we form in these two environments, and questioning what does it really mean to know someone?

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