Iridescent Body by Luci Young

Performance Description

Choreographer/Dancer/Filmmaker: Luci Young
Title of work: Iridescent Body
Music: Seven Falls by Hara Noda

Slow dance with yourself
Find warmth alone
Stand and be your own muse
Fall in love with your iridescent body
Iridescent body

Our bodies are our most powerful medium. They’re one of the only things constant throughout our life yet we show them little honour and respect. And even though we are living in them they remain very much a mystery.

We’ll never see our full form without using another medium. We’ll never be able to give ourselves a proper hug.

In a world where photos of ourselves are so prominent, our perception of our very own physical existence becomes shaped and distorted- We exist as an accumulation of our disjointed and fragmented memories.

In this film, I conduct my practice to connect to my own body in an act of self-love. I begin trying to determine myself in the space, drawing an image of myself, eyes closed, using only physical touch to determine my shape. I continue to use the tactility of paint to heighten my bodily awareness and whilst doing so I question “”what makes me feel beautiful?”” Inspired by brass sculptures that shine gold in the places most touched, I question: “”where do I feel golden?” “”What parts of myself do I choose to display?”” In the third section of this film, I use a heat lamp to draw my attention to my skin. Connecting the feeling of warmth to the beauty of love I indulged by dancing within this feeling.

Making this film has meant a lot to me.

I have chosen to use Super 8 film as the medium for this video to acknowledge its importance by breaking free of the easier, fast-paced methods our society carelessly uses. There is something special in the rituals of film and I think this is seen in the results.

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