Free Time by Jade Howe

Performance Description

Choreographer/Dancer/Filmmaker: Jade Howe
Title of work: Free Time
Music: Free Time by Raul

This work focuses on the social isolation and loneliness during lockdowns, and how this significant pandemic impacted the lives and lifestyles of many – in particular, teenagers. During the waves and the ups and downs of COVID its contribution towards individuals and society remains still significant. I aimed to represent and share my experience of ‘lockdown’ through this film, and how it personally led me to become more socially disconnected from those I care about due to lack of face-to-face time. The film explores the ideology of having ‘too much time’ due to a lack of motivation and an increase of procrastination when being trapped inside for long periods of time. Alongside this, the subject expresses the emotions of sadness, frustration, disappointment, and anger of falling into a chaotic spiral of wasting time, leading to physically and mentally disconnection.

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