Anino by Adrian (Buddy) Malbasias

Performance Description

Choreographer/Producer/Editor: Adrian (Buddy) Malbasias
Title of work: Anino
Music: La Noche by Joe Arroyo and spoken word by Allan Malbasias
Dancers: Maddison Bowyer, Clare Dark and Floriane Sevault
Cinematography: Jordan Bradford

What truly happens when you follow your darkness? Stemming from Giselle’s ‘Mad scene’, Anino is a dance on film that explores the Filipino Bisayan saying of “Sunda imong anino” – follow your darkness. A saying that exposes the truth of one’s dark reality. Personifying juxtaposition, manipulation and insanity, the work develops a personal and dystopian perspective of Giselle – an interrogation on deceit and the unpredictable nature of madness. Through this exploration, the artist makes a link to a moment of his life where ultimate hysteria occurred as a result of deception.

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