Bivalvia by Courtney Allerton and Julian Chan

Performance Description

Choreographers/Dancers: Courtney Allerton and Julian Chan
Title of work: Bivalvia
Music: Veins by Palace and Breathe by Skinscape
Film Maker: Courtney Allerton
Videographer: Hayden Besly

Based on the movements of marine molluscs, ‘Bivalvia’ explores the nature of live mussels when submerged underwater and the intricate patterning that forms their external shells. The work depicts the hinged bond between the inner body and its protective shell, highlighting their symbiotic relationship. The choreography features the rise and fall of the inner body and how the mollusc propels itself across the ocean floor. The textural details of their external bodies are also examined through the intertwining of limbs, emphasising the geometric patterns of the protective shell.

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