The Red String by Ruby Ko

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Performance Description

Choreographer/Filmmaker: Ruby Ko
Title of work: The Red String
Music: Two Men in Love by The Irrepressibles
Dancers: Mia Deane and Saskia Anderson

My concept is about the Red String of Fate, a myth that originates from East Asia and states: Everyone’s pinky finger is connected to another person via a red string, that will help them to find each other. The string itself is a metaphor for the ulnar artery, which connects the pinky finger to the heart- and it is this thin vein that extends through the invisible world, to end its course in the heart of the other person. When they are finally united, it will profoundly affect the pairing. The beautiful thing about the string is that it may stretch or tangle, but it will never break. The film is set in the spiritual realm as two souls a searching for their other half. Throughout the film, you will encounter the initial searching, the first encounter, a growing desperation and finally- the resolution, as two souls become one.

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