RUN by Jade Howe

Performance Description

Choreographer/Filmmaker: Jade Howe

Title of work: RUN

Music: RUN

Composer/Musician: Joji

Dancers: Skye Thadanabath and Emma Geng

Content Warning: This film explores triggering content exploring abuse.

A concept film based on an abusive relationship. It follows the journey between two dual protagonists through the use of dance choreography and storytelling elements. Both the positive and negative sides of the relationship are highlighted through parallel scenes and flashbacks in daytime and night time. The video dives in and explores both individuals and their role in the relationship. One of the protagonists is revealed as more intimidating, controlling and manipulative, dominating the relationship. The other protagonist is seen as more vulnerable and ‘stuck’ in the toxic relationship; hence the film focuses on the character trying to ‘run’ away both physically and mentally from their once other half.

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