The Yard

Inspired by William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, The Yard breathes new life into this universal story set in an Australian school yard. Mixed with the tension and humour of conflicts played out everyday, Parker celebrates the extraordinary in the ordinary, ultimately finding unity in the diversity of culture, gender and ethnicity.

Parker fuses hard hitting contemporary dance with break dance, locking, shuffling, popping, tutting, krumping, and jerking; all new forms of dance found on the streets and school yards of Western Sydney. Composer Nick Wales has created an arresting electro-acoustic score rich with an eclectic mix of strings, break beats and dub step.

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Short clip of The Yard in development

Background on Shaun Parker – PDF

Production Summaries Shaun Parker & Co. – PDF

NSW State Curriculum Links
Stages: 4, 5 and 6-preliminary
Subject link: Dance, Music, Music 1,PDHPE, Drama, Society and Culture
A Resource Pack is available for teachers and students to accompany the performance.