Still Point Turning

At the still point, there the dance is… TS Eliot

A synthesis of dance, video, sound and installation, choreographer Linda Luke brings her new solo performance Still Point Turning to FORM Dance Projects. Initially inspired by TS Eliot’s poem Burnt Norton, Still Point Turning explores perceptions of time, stillness, and turbulence. It reflects upon the fragmented and transient nature of contemporary culture, alluding to euro centric history and our obsession with ‘clock’ time. Juxtaposing this, Linda reflects on the nature of cosmic time, the eternal cycle of living and dying, and that deep – yet elusive – silence that resides in every one of us.

Linda Luke’s dance and choreographic practice aims to reveal hidden nuances of poetry, to deepen sensitivity and excavate the subtle undercurrents we experience in relation to self, each other, and our external environment.

  • Choreographer & Performer: Linda Luke
  • Composer: Vic McEwan
  • Video Artist: Martin Fox
  • Lighting Designer: Clytie Smith
  • Choreographic Consultant: Tess de Quincey
  • Costume Designer: Justine Shih-Pearson
  • Design: Linda Luke in collaboration with the creative team
  • Producer: Artful Management
  • Location: Lennox Theatre, Riverside
  • Date: 27-29 November 2014, 8PM
  • Learn the repertoire: Friday 28 November 2014 See the show: 12.30PM Matinee with Q & A
  • Tickets: Adult $28* / Concession $25*
  • School Tickets: Workshop & Show $25 / Show Only $20*Transaction fees apply


STILL POINT TURNING is funded by the NSW government through Trade and Investment NSW and is supported by the Department for Performance Studies (University of Sydney) and Dancehouse.