solos and duets from traditional to contemporary


Choreographed and Performed by Aruna Gandhimathinathan and Shruti Ghosh  

Nritya Roopa is an innovative collaborative work between two emerging Indian dancers, Aruna Gandhimathinathan and Shruti Ghosh, featuring the Indian classical dance forms of Bharatanatyam and Kathak.  Nritya Roopa explores facets of the two traditional dance forms, sharing an insight into technique, rhythmic movement and storytelling, and showcases the blending of two distinct artistic styles.  A beautiful performance weaving together invocation, abstract patterns and rhythmic dance.

Classically trained in India both artists have recently started performing and collaborating in programs with Australian contemporary artists.

The dancers present a second collaborative piece alongside musician Prabhu Osoniqs.


Choreographed and Performed by Tammi Gissell

Can I trust what I see even when it’s me?

A short solo inspired by the Greek myth of Narcissus, who became so enamoured with his reflection that he drowned in a pool of water gazing at himself. Consumed with questions as to whether this proud hunter could have accidently drowned or whether he actually found what he was looking for, the solo examines significant moments in the artist’s own life.


Choreography Thomas E.S. Kelly   Performers Thomas E.S. Kelly and Carl Tolentino

To sleep and enter a realm where nothing is in your command. How does the mind deal with the fears and frights that haunt the sub-conscious? What is the reason behind the torment, is it a sign with a larger meaning or is its purpose purely enjoyment, the mind playing.

Thomas E.S. Kelly is an emerging Indigenous performer, a recent graduate of NAISDA, the National Aboriginal Islander Skills Development Association.


  • Date: 23 – 25 May 8PM
  • Learn the Repertoire: 24 May 10AM  See the Show: 12:30PM Matinee with Q&A
  • Location: Lennox Theatre, Riverside
  • Price: Adult $28* / Concession $25*
  • School Tickets: Workshop & Show $25 / Show only $20

*Ticket booking fees apply



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