5 Days, Sep 2 – 6

Martin del Amo

Dancers can’t talk, according to a widespread stereotype. Not well at least, the argument goes. Why don’t they just shut up and let their bodies do the talking? These are curious statements! There is no such thing as a not-talking-well gene. Like everything else, it’s a matter of training . . .

This workshop is aimed at dancers and choreographers interested in the integration of spoken text into choreographic structures. Each day, a short warm up will be followed by a set of improvisational and compositional exercises, allowing participants to look at the following questions: How do dance and spoken text operate differently in the way they communicate with audiences? What are some of the strategies relevant to the integration of the two? What roles do juxtaposition, collision, and overlapping play in that respect?

Drawing on a multi-layered methodology Martin has developed over more than 20 years, Talking Dance takes an investigative approach to dance making and aims to provide choreographic tools and strategies to generate, structure and analyse solo performance material. The focus will be on improvisation within predetermined structures and the interplay between physical and vocal scores. 

Across the 5-day workshop, Martin is going to use samples from his own work to explore with the participants how to coax short choreographic pieces into being, utilising both movement and text-based storytelling techniques. 

5 Days, Sep 2 – 6 / 13:00-17:00

Brand X Darlinghurst (ESCAC)

Contemporary Dance, Physical Theatre



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