Learn the Repertoire

Dance Bites is FORM Dance Projects’ curated signature program of dance works produced by some of Australia’s most innovative and exciting independent choreographers and companies. Dance Bites celebrates the diversity of contemporary dance making. Learn the Repertoire-See the Show offers dance students an opportunity to learn from each of the Dance Bites performances in a workshop led by the presenting artist(s). Alongside the workshop, students experience a matinee performance and post-show Q&A with the artistic team.

For more information regarding the FORM Education Program contact:

Email: admin@form.org.au or education_riverside@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au
Phone: +61 2 9806 5609


Photo: Sean Sinclair

Peta Anderson, Brianna Taylor, Jack Egan and Thomas J Egan (AUSTRALIA)

Friday 27 March

The Tap Affect is the inaugural work of newly founded Australian Tap Company that celebrates Australian tap dancers inspirations. In segments, each artist will delve into their emotional connection to the art form. Their diverse perspectives will form an abstract biographical view into their connection to dance.

The workshop is a chance to learn from the founders of The Australian Tap Dance Company with some technical exercises and a piece from The Tap Affect. The company firmly believe it’s important to learn about tap’s roots and will initiate a discussion about the lesser known innovators in tap’s history .

Tap shoes or sneakers welcome!

Suitable for Years 9 – 12 (ages: 12-18)
Two levels: beginners and intermediate.
For more information: https://www.form.org.au/the-tap-affect/




Photo: Joshua Morris courtesy of Blacktown Arts


Friday 22 May

Perceptions sees flamenco dance artist Pepa Molina return to the Riverside stage following Bush Bailando premiered by FORM in 2016. Bush Bailando earned the artist the 2016 Dance Australia critic’s choice for Most Interesting Artist. In her new work, Pepa will surround herself with renowned performers from Spain exploring the intricacies, superstitions and cliches in Flamenco’s past and present.

The workshop will introduce students to the art of Flamenco and its cultural history, a wonderful blend of entertainment and education. Students will learn how Flamenco music, song and dance all relate to each other with demonstrations of the varied Flamenco instruments and techniques involved in Perceptions such as castañuelas (castanets) & Flamenco dance (Baile).

For more information: https://www.form.org.au/perceptions/


Photo: Kate Disher

Sara Black (AUSTRALIA)

Friday 11 September

With an exceptional all female Australian cast and creative team directed by Helpmann Award winner Sara Black, Double Beat explores the aural and physical responses the heart and pulse present in differing emotional and physical states. Three weeks after conception we have a beat, our bodies are far from fully formed, yet a beat has begun. We can often be disconnected to this life force and sensation that we carry within us. Here we find space to connect to those rhythms and observe the wonder of the human body.

Sara Black and her team will introduce students to the process of making Double Beat, an exploration of our constant heartbeat and pulse in a close partnership of sound and movement. The workshop will begin with a high energy contemporary warm up.  Students will then have the opportunity to engage in an introduction to Heart Rhythm Meditation practice. This experience will be used to guide an open exploration into improvisation tasks operating from internal and external connections to the rhythm of the pulse and heart.

Workshops: 70 mins (no break)
Shows: 50-60 minutes (plus 20 mins Q&A)

Workshops at 10am
Shows at 12.30pm

Show and Workshop Package $28 per student and additional teachers
Show and Q&A only $22 per student and additional teachers

Suitable for Years 9 – 12

For more information: https://www.form.org.au/double-beat/

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