Kairos – Touring

Sydney Festival presents
Meryl Tankard
FORM Dance Projects I World Premiere

In ancient Greek, Kairos is “the right or opportune moment for doing, a moment that cannot be scheduled.” That moment is now for director Meryl Tankard AO, composer Elena Kats-Chernin AO and visual artist Regis Lansac OAM, who have created  a vibrant new dance work responding to these uncertain and challenging times.

Commissioned and produced by FORM Dance Projects and created by three world-renowned Australian artists and long time collaborators, with the next generation of dance makers, this Sydney Festival world premiere will encompass a vast lexicon of human experience and human movement: the dark and challenging; the ugly and beautiful; the humorous and joyful.

“Meryl Tankard draws masterfully on stunning creative collaborations to create our current turbulent world”
(Martin Portus, Stage Whisper)

“Perhaps the highlight of Sydney Festival 2023 ~ Kairos is a complete wholistic work of majestic proportions where all the creatives, crew and cast come together to deliver something much bigger than the sum of their individual parts.” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
(Rebecca Varidel, Sydney Scoop)

Kairos Technical Specifications

Sydney Festival 23_Daybill_Kairos

Concept, Direction, Choreography: Meryl Tankard
Composer, Pianist: Elena Kats-Chernin
Video Design and Photography: Régis Lansac
Assistant Director: Kate Dunn
Performers and Choreographers:  Lillian Fearn, Cloé Fournier, Taiga Kita-Leong, Jasmin Luna, Julie Ann Minaai, Thuba Ndibali
Child: Izabelle Kharaman
Understudy: Naomi Hibberd
Costume Design: Melanie Liertz, Sam St. Aubyn
Set Design: Meryl Tankard
Sound Design: Bob Scott
Lighting Design: Verity Hampson
Associate Video Design: Morgan Moroney
Production Manager: Mark Haslam
Stage Manager: Frankie Clarke
Costume Assistants: Nicole Artsetos, Eloise Cochrane

Executive Producer: Annette McLernon
Production Co-Ordinator: Naomi Hibberd
Business Manager: Sally Ebert
Production Intern: Joshua Sherwood

“If there’s anything “typical” about the work of choreographer Meryl Tankard it is that there’s nothing typical about it. Hers is a restless mind and talent – she quests and explores, never to be pinned down.” ⭐⭐⭐⭐
(Diana Simmonds, Stage Noise)

FORM Dance Projects would like to thank and acknowledge project funding and support from Restart Investment to Sustain and Expand (RISE) Fund—an Australian Government initiative, Create NSW, The Packer Family Foundation, Sydney Dance Company and Riverside Theatres.

“Congratulations to Meryl, Regis, Elena and all of the exceptional dancers – what an outstanding piece of choreography, we are very lucky to have in Australia Meryl Tankard, as always, the best of the best.” Kylie Kwong

“Wonderfully moving piece. A performance of dance and movement that boasts more narrative power than many movies on offer these days. Sharp, sometimes anxiety-inducing, then again playful, poetic and imaginative with pulsating live piano score played by composer Elena Kats-Chernin, and a lean closing that was at the same time surprising and obligatory. It literally had me in tears. A brilliantly talented ensemble, both on stage and offstage.”
Karel Segers

Image Credits:
Kairos, Thuba Ndibali, Image: Régis Lansac
Homage to Jack Mitchell from Alvin Ailey’s “Hermit Songs”

Kairos, Cloé Fournier, Image: Régis Lansac

Kairos Creative Development, Taiga Kita Leong, Image: Régis Lansac

Source images in video projections by Régis Lansac
Sidney Nolan, Head, 1983, spray paint on canvas. Bundanon Collection, Sidney Nolan Trust.
© The Sidney Nolan Trust. All rights reserved. DACS/Copyright Agency, 2023

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