Image: Philippe Smets

In Drill, three athletes meet in a late night, never-ending training session. A form of non-competitive competition unfolds before the audience. Sweaty machismo gets a poetic makeover as sprinting, jumping, turning, pivoting, falling and accelerating merge in an indefinable training sequence which revels in an exhausted euphoria.

Drill is an exploration of the choreographic potential of athletic movement and training; an attempt to transcend all human athletic capabilities, in a non-spectacular, practical fashion.

  • Choreography and performance: Ahilan Ratnamohan
  • Performance: Imanuel Dado and Arno Wauters
  • Dramaturg: Kristof Persyn
  • Dramaturg for first development: Josephine Wilson
  • Lighting design: Wouter Dupon
  • Production: Ahilan Ratnamohan and Anaïs Gabaut

AHILAN RATNAMOHAN is a performance-maker working with unorthodox forms and inspired by sport, film and language.  After completing a film degree at the University of Technology, Sydney in 2005, he  attempted to make a career as a professional footballer in the Netherlands, Sweden and  Germany. Since 2007 he has been creating physical performance pieces. He has worked with diverse Sydney-based companies and artists such as Urban Theatre Projects, Branch  Nebula, Legs on the Wall, PACT, PYT, Theatre Kantanka, Martin del Amo and Campbelltown  Arts Centre. He has toured work and performed in Australia, South Africa, Germany and Belgium.  In 2013 he premiered his first work as a director, Michael Essien I want to  play as you… in Antwerp as part of the Antwerp European Sports Capital Opening, the piece has since toured to Theater Aan Zee Festival (Oostende) and EXPLOSIVE! Festival (Bremen) and has now been invited to the London International Festival of Theatre, 2014.  Recently he performed in Jochen Roller’s Trachtenbummler in Tanz im August as well as the premiere of his solo SDS1 at PICA, which has since toured to Tanzhaus Zürich (Zürich Tanzt Festival), Cambridge Junction (Night Watch Festival) and been selected for a Mobile States Australia-wide tour in 2015.

ARNO WAUTERS has a strong passion for the stage and circus arts in particular. His training was carried out in several renowned Circus schools such as Espace Catastrophe in Brussels, Ecole Nationale de Cirque de Châtellerault in France, and the National Circus school of Montréal. His physical and technical skills include dance, clown and tumble, with a specialisation in manipulation of the German wheel. In 2009, Arno created his first street performance with the circus collective Ell Circo d’ell Fuego, where he is still active today as a member of the pedagogical team and organiser of the ‘Extreme Convention’ and the ATLAS festival. His choreographies are created with an authentic and typical dynamic approach to movement.

IMANUEL DADO is a b-boy and independent dancer.  He is a former rugby player, sprinter and Muy Thai fighter.  Originally trained in ballroom dance the current genres of dance that he has extensive knowledge in include: hip hop, break, ballet and contemporary. Part of the second generation of the Style Impressions Krew (S.I.K), Imanuel has had intensive mentoring from nationally recognised choreographers Byron Low, Marko Taopo and Josh Mu. The professional development opportunities provided to him via his partnership with S.I.K have been invaluable and have acted as triggers for further study in other genres of dance. Imanuel’s extensive dance history with TRACKS and local independent dancer Gary Lang have created opportunities to extend his knowledge and training in dance via performances, community workshops, company based classes and festivals.

KRISTOF PERSYN is a dramaturg, director and theatre-educator.  After his studies at the Theaterschool of Amsterdam he started creating productions with youth-companies in Curacoa, Croatia and France.  Since 2006 he has initiated projects in the Middle East and collaborated with artists in Egypt, Syria and Jordan.  His work is characterized by socially or ecologically urgent issues.  He has travelled trough Egypt to collect popular folk-tales, a project that resulted in the performance The Nile Song with Shady El Dali.  In Jordan he undertook an artistic awareness campaign about the Dead Sea drought with Lana Nasser.  Since the Arab spring he has created projects for AAT-network, an organization who organizes an annual woman-rights festival in Jordan’s capital Amman.  He lives in Brussels where he recently started his atelier, a place where he is teaching drama and rhetoric.

First developed in residence at the Perth Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA) , 2013

  • Location: Lennox Theatre, Riverside Parramatta
  • Dates: 15 – 17 October 2015, 8PM
  • Learn the Repertoire:  Friday 16 October 2015, 10AM  See the Show: 12.30PM Matinee with Q & A
  • Dance Circle (FREE EVENT): Vicki Van Hout in conversation with Ahilan Ratnamohan post-show Friday 16 October 2015, 9PM
  • Tickets: Adult $35* / Concession $28*
  • School Tickets: Workshop & Show $25 / Show Only $20

*Transaction fees apply



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