sixbythree – COWBOY

FORM Dance Projects and Riverside Theatres present

sixbythree – a festival of six dance works by three choreographers over three events on 5-6 July 2024.

by Michael Smith and The Farm

“I am deeply consumed,
I am deeply committed,
I am becoming,
A Cowboy.”
Michael Smith

Cowboy is an interactive, solo contemporary-dance work that unpacks one’s ability to have a complete, genuine and meaningful experience as an imagined self. An original sound-score composed by Ben Ely transforms our surroundings into that of a Western Film.

“From surfing trains and taming horses to wandering the desert, Cowboy holds a deeper inquiry into the existence of a shared humanity beyond fantasy. By committing entirely to the iconography of a cowboy, I seek to expose desires and vulnerabilities that exist in our pursuit to form identity.” – Michael Smith

Cowboy utilises its performance space to create both intimate settings and vast, open landscapes with a free-roaming audience who actively transform into instruments of the Western World. Cowboy is poignantly humorous yet sensitive, where Michael’s personal attempt for self-realisation and connection resonates beyond the Cowboy fantasy.


5 JULY, 2024 6.30PM
6 JULY, 2024 2.00PM and 6.30PM
Tickets: $39 – $50*
*Booking fees apply

sixbythree – Book tickets to Quartette and Lien and save.
NOTE: To book multiple 3 show packages for more than one person best to call Riverside Box Office on 02 8839 3399


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