CPAN Membership
Membership is free of charge and is open to all performance-based groups and organisations and individuals that have a commitment to the purpose of the Network as stated above.

As a member you receive:

  • Events’ listing that outlines the names and contact details of various events, showcases and performance opportunities in Sydney and ACT.
  • Grants’ listing and support writing grant applications.
  • Every year CPAN hosts a FREE workshop where members can participate and meet other artists, CPAN administrators and industry and corporate professionals.
  • Opportunities to develop their skills in computing, marketing and/or digital media.
  • A Quarterly E-Bulletin that outlines upcoming events, opportunities and news, presents tips from professionals and profiles members.
  • Weekly Email Updates with the latest news, events and opportunities. This is a free service for members to promote their shows and services.

Want to become a member?

Fill out this online form or email