4Tell – Kay Armstrong

Cannot quite believe that we are nearly here!

This year has flown by and us along with it.  Have been watching the dancers throughout the process of 4Tell begin to deepen their understanding of what it is, this thing called dance, and how they relate to it. I suppose you would think that this would be quite a normal thought process with dance, but actually I think not. As an independent dance artist in Sydney, much time is spent forward thinking – what’s next, which project, will I get that gig, wonder if I should do that workshop, can I afford to take that time off, which class should I go to, will I get that audition – not much time or headspace to actually sit inside your dance, in the moment,  to notice, ponder, reflect, embody. I suppose this was my original intention for forming youMove. I really wanted to create a space where this kind of potent mentorship, with other artists and yourself, could occur.

The dancers have been embracing each of the choreographers individual landscapes and downloading their processes via the youMove blog. This has been a crucial space to speak with one another post studio time. I have found reading the blog an incredible insight into each of the dancers personalities, their fears, their hopes and their breakthroughs.

I am so excited for them and for our guest choreographers; 4Tell represents some of our best dance makers, our brightest emerging dancers as well as corker initiatives such as youMove’s virtual residency program, Studio Skype. Our guest OS artist, David Williams created this work having never left Germany. With our dancers in the studio in Sydney,  we had David in Germany on Skype in the Sydney studio with us, creating the work in real time. The way of the future? Who knows, but it surely was fun trying!