100 Minute Makeover

100 Minute Makeover was CPAN’s inaugural community event in October 2010 where CPAN members met and discussed their work and projects with industry professionals, from Musica Viva to ICE (Information and Cultural Exchange) and City of Sydney.

CPAN Members Feedback

Sorathy Michell (Bonnyrigg Khmer School): “The 100 Minute Make Over Event was extremely informative and useful. Meeting other performers and especially talking to the professionals through the speed networking, gave us ideas of what to look for and what to do.”

Evan Yako (Triptych): “The 100 Minute Make Over was really good and I learnt lots. The most important thing was the last session, when we received information about the different venues and performance opportunities in Sydney.”

Karina Diez (Tierra Colombiana Folkloric and Cultural Dance Group): “It was really well organised and excellent to have industry professionals to talk to. As a group we started  ten years ago and never had access to industry professionals so it was good to get feedback.”  Industry Professionals

Richard Petkovi (Events Producer from the Cultural Arts Collective): “It was a great event and good opportunity to see who’s out there and to share information with them.”

Mouna Zaylah (Information and Cultural Exchange): “The 100 Minute Make Over was a great event that could have gone on forever. People seemed engaged and hungry for information and I think events like this need to happen more regularly.”