10 Days, Aug 19-3. Individual, partner and ensemble work with apparatus.

Sadiq Ali

Sadiq Ali is a mixed heritage contemporary circus artist and performance maker specialising in Chinese Pole. Blending elements of circus, dance, and physical theatre, he crafts unapologetically queer works that serve as both artistic expressions and catalysts for social change.

The workshop will consist of technical Chinese Pole vocabulary and development, enabling participants to explore their own movement style with the apparatus. A focus will be on partner and ensemble work, using poles, bars and various other structures in non-traditional methods to encourage shared support and creativity exploration.

Sadiq will also introduce his process of creating autobiographical narrative work, enabling workshop participants to flesh out their own performative story alongside the development of physical and technical expertise.

This workshop is inclusive to all gender identities and sexual orientations.

Note: This workshop program may lead directly to a paid creative development and performance outcome in 2025/26.

Training Foci:
– Introduction to Chinese Pole
– Chinese Pole explorations and improvements – climbs, drops, movement qualities and dynamics
– Partner and ensemble
– Creating physical environments with poles and structures – climbing, moving, dancing, lifting

Conceptual Foci:
– Working with semi-autobiographical subjects in performance
– Expanding our understandings of the issues important to us
– Expression through non-verbal physicality and story telling

10 Days, Aug 19 – 31
Week 1 Aug19-24 / 09:00-15:00
Week 2 Aug 26-31 / 09:00-15:00

Red Box / Legs on the Wall – 91 Canal Rd, Lilyfield, Sydney

Contemporary Circus, Physical Theatre Contemporary Dance



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