Meet FORM’s Patron

Host of Sunday Night and Channel 7 News anchor Chris Bath is on board as Patron of FORM Dance Projects.

Chris Bath has a lifelong passion for dance. Bath grew up in South Wentworthville, western Sydney and was a student at Holroyd High School. She was a young aspiring dancer attending classes at the Wendy Greenaway School of Dance at St Andrews Church Hall in Parramatta and is familiar with the lack of opportunities available at that time. As Bath says, “There was nothing in western Sydney then like what FORM Dance Projects offers now.”

Bath will be FORM’s public patron, acting as an advocate to build links to other groups that give western Sydney its unique identity as a diverse and dynamic community.

At a time when FORM is building key strategic partnerships with organisations and developing audiences for contemporary dance in Sydney both in the theatre and online the timing is right for FORM to appoint a well known personality to extend their reach.

Bath says, “We are all busier, and spending more time in front of screens but it’s also good to go out and see live performance and support local ventures.  If FORM had existed when I was growing up, I might have chosen a different career path!

Bath’s aspirations to be a dancer were thwarted early but it didn’t stop her from successfully participating in Dancing with the Stars and charming the judges and audiences with her dance talent.  Now Bath hopes to spread the news of FORM Dance Projects to a wider audience.

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